Water Conservation

If you have any questions, please call 936-522-3885, Public Works.

The City of Conroe is dedicated to providing city residents with conservation information and tips to help protect this precious resource for future generations.

Water conservation is more important than ever! You can help everyday by allowing more water to stay in storage to meet our future demands. Saving water is easier than you think.

This water conservation page is designed to give you information on how a few simple changes can make a big difference in your water usage. What we do today may make a difference in tomorrow!

Click here to View City of Conroe’s Year-Round Twice a Week Watering Brochure.
View Water Data for Texas Drought Monitor
View the City of Conroe Conservation Water Rates.
View the City of Conroe Year-Round Watering Ordinance.
View the City of Conroe Drought Contingency Plan.
To request a watering variance, please complete the Water Variance form.
Tips and kids activities EPA Water Sense.
Urban and Community Forestry I DROUGHT (tamu.edu)
Tracking Every Drop
Water-Wise Checklist
Preventing Runoff With Cycle And Soak Irrigation

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