Infrastructure Concerns

To help us better serve your needs, please explore the links below related to the issue or challenge that sums up what you want to resolve or change. 

NOTE: In the event of an emergency, such as area-wide water outages, sewer back-ups, traffic signals outages, etc., please call Public Works at 936-522-3885.  

Water & Sanitary Sewer: Availability

Where the particular demands associated with any proposed development strain existing facilities near capacity, an upsize of the facilities may be required. The Engineering Division can assist with verifying whether existing facilities have adequate capacity to serve proposed development.

Request a Water & Sewer Availability Letter

Storm Water: Drainage

Drainage problems can be tied to a combination of factors, including the hydrology, soil properties, grading, slope, and vegetation. If you notice a drainage problem, do your part in preserving the safety and value of the community - report it!

Report a Drainage Concern

Streets: Lighting Concerns

Street lights can help reduce accidents in a number of ways. Unfortunately, when there is not adequate lighting, hazards are not as visible. Whether you're a citizen or a developer, you can request a street light installation to prevent these hazards!

If you notice a street light went out, however, it can be easily resolved. To report a street light outage, use Entergy's online forum to report a street light outage.

Request a Street Light Installation

Streets: Traffic Concerns

Traffic is an unavoidable factor associated with growing cities, but it's not one that's wholly unresolvable. If the City of Conroe Engineering Division can resolve the traffic related issue, we will take action.

Report a Traffic Concern