Uniformed Services Bureau

The Uniformed Services Bureau is comprised of the following Divisions, Sections, and Units.

Patrol Division

Patrol Officers standing in formation.Patrol Officers are the first elements of intervention in most Law Enforcement activities. They respond to all calls for service and are responsible for original offense reports and field investigations. Patrol Officers are also expected to enforce the laws of the State of Texas and Municipal ordinances.

The Patrol Division is under the command of Lt. Michael Dean, Lt. Gabe Gallegos, and Lt. Jermy Allen.  Patrol shifts are designed to overlap in order to provide a seamless transition at shift change hours. Sergeants are assigned to supervise each of the Patrol Shifts.  The Patrol Shifts are comprised of several different variations of 8 and 12 hours (static and rotating) and incorporate several overlapping schedules. 

To contact any of the below, please call (936)522-3200

Patrol Lieutenants:

  • Lt. Michael Dean- Daytime Command, Fleet Operations
  • Lt. Gabe Gallegos– Evening Command
  • Lt. Jermy Allen- Night Command
Patrol Sergeants

  • Sgt. Kevin Johnson - Shift 1
  • Sgt. Tom Taylor - Shift 1
  • Sgt. Daniel Markham - Shift 2
  • Sgt. Will Davis - Shift 2
  • Sgt. Clyde Vogel - Shift 3
  • Sgt. Billy McPike - Shift 3
  • Sgt. Juan Sauceda - Shift 4
  • Sgt. Ian Trotter - Shift 4
  • Sgt. Jose Herrera - Shift 5
  • Sgt. Nick Baker - Shift 5
  • Sgt. Joe McGrew - Shift 6
  • Sgt. Justin Schubert - Shift 6
  • Sgt. Robert Engel - Mounted Patrol
  • Sgt. Andres Garcia - Traffic/Resource
Patrol Districts

The city is divided into Patrol districts and Officers are routinely assigned to a specific district on a regular and continuing basis. In this way a Patrol Officer becomes familiar with the residents, business owners and surroundings of the assigned district. Permanent district assignments are one of the cornerstones of Community Oriented Policing and the Conroe Police Department subscribes to this innovative concept of public service.

Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol Cruz Moore - Copy

The Bike Patrol Unit is composed of four police officers whose primary duty is to patrol downtown Conroe. In addition to patrolling downtown, the Bike Patrol can be seen patrolling shopping centers, parks, and various special events such as parades, the Catfish Festival, Kids Fest, and the Montgomery County Fair.

Honor Guard

Honor Guard Officer saluting United States flag.Also assigned to the Patrol Division is the Department's Honor Guard. The Honor Guard's primary responsibility is to represent the Department in all facets of honor and respect to fallen heroes of this and surrounding agencies. The Honor Guard includes duties such as Funeral Details, Color Guard and Rifle Team. Any and all components may be called into service as needed.

Each May, the Honor Guard performs a tribute to all fallen Law Enforcement Officers at Heritage Place during National Police Week. This ceremony of respect is open to the public. The public is encouraged to come and experience this solemn occasion and observe the Honor Guard.


Communications - CopyCommunications personnel perform many complex duties, including but not limited to dispatching Patrol Officers for calls for service. The Communications Center is a state-of-the-art facility with advanced Computer Aided Dispatch system, or CAD, as well as a self-contained emergency radio system designed to maintain communications in the event of a total radio console failure. Communications Center Personnel are often the contact between the Officers and the community. This requires excellent communications skills, with the added ability of coordinating an Officer's and other emergency services response. Mapping software and Automatic Vehicle Locator technology allow the Communications Officers to quickly locate the closest Patrol resources to any emergency in seconds.

Traffic Unit

Police vehicleThis Unit participates with and is dedicated to educating citizens in traffic safety and enforcement, as well as investigating community-initiated traffic complaints. The Traffic Officers are not call-responsive, and their primary responsibilities are enforcing traffic laws, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, and investigating fatal crashes.


SWAT Officer sighting weapon on target.The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team is comprised of a volunteer composite of officers from throughout the department. This is not a full-time position and officers selected for this unit perform these duties secondary to their primary work assignment. The Team is comprised of Tactical Operators and Hostage Negotiators who primarily respond to barricaded subjects, hostage situations, high-risk arrest warrants, and high-risk narcotic search warrants.

Mounted Patrol

Mounted Patrol officers on horses.With the acquisition of the old YMCA facility in 2022, the City also took possession of the equine facility located at the site. Chief Christy recognized this as a unique opportunity. After securing the approval of City leadership, the Chief directed the staff to create a mounted patrol unit to be housed at the equine center. Over the course of several months, five horses were purchased for the unit, and one sergeant and four officers selected. After rigorous training with their horses, these officers debuted the first mounted patrol unit for the Conroe Police Department in September.

The Mounted Patrol Unit provides a wide variety of services, from patrolling neighborhoods and parks to adding a unique police presence to special events and parades.