Support Services Bureau

The Support Services Bureau consists of separate divisions within the police department that are responsible for accomplishing various police functions, including Criminal Investigations, Crime Prevention, Training, recruiting, and Animal Control. 

Criminal Investigations Division

Two detectives on crime sceneThe Criminal Investigations Division (CID) carries out the criminal investigation function. Detectives of the CID perform follow-up investigations, as needed, on many different types of cases. The CID is subdivided into several specialized squads that investigate violations of Texas State Law, such as homicide, robbery, burglary, assault, sexual assault, theft, etc.

The Criminal Investigations Division's regular business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To contact us:
Phone (936) 522-3224
FAX (936) 522-3378
Mail: CID
Conroe Police Department
2300 Plantation Drive
Conroe, TX 77303

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The Records Section is responsible for maintenance, storage, and dissemination of all case and accident reports. 


The Conroe Police Department Firearms Training Facility is responsible for all Departmental training.

Basic Police Academy

In July 2009, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) approved the Conroe Police Department's application to become a full Police Academy. 


Interested in a career with the Conroe Police Department? 

Animal Control & Animal Shelter

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The City of Conroe Animal Control Unit is made up of two full-time Animal Control Officers and one part-time officer. The duties of the Animal Control Unit are to ensure the safety of the residents of Conroe by protecting them from dangerous animals while promoting the humane treatment of animals within the community.


  • Stray Animal Management: Respond to reports of stray animals to ensure they are safely captured and transported to the animal shelter.
  • Animal Cruelty Investigations: Officers are trained to investigate reports of animal cruelty and work with law enforcement to take appropriate action.
  • Emergency Response: Animal Control is prepared to respond to animal emergencies and collaborate with law enforcement.
  • Community Education: Animal Control believes in educating the public on topics of pet care, the importance of spaying and neutering, and local animal ordinances. Animal Control is available to speak on these topics upon request.
Wild Animals: These situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may require the Texas Game Warden to respond or contact pest control.

Lost Pets: Our goal is to reunite lost pets with their owners or find them new homes. Contact the animal shelter when searching for a lost pet.

Local Animal Ordinances: Click Here

Animal Control Hours and Contact:
Mon-Fri: 7 am - 6 pm

Phone: 936-522-3211 - You will be directed to leave a voicemail, which will be forwarded to an animal control officer who will be in contact with you.
For animal emergencies or after hours contact the Conroe Police Department at 936-522-3200.

Animal Shelter: The animal shelter is responsible for the care and adoption of animals that are collected by Animal Control or surrendered by the residents of the City of Conroe. For information Click Here or contact 936-522-3550.

Parking Control

Parking Control is a civilian position that is responsible for issuing parking tickets in and around the downtown area of Conroe.

Crime Prevention Unit

The Conroe Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers numerous programs to the public to aid in the prevention of crime, reduction of injuries and losses sustained as a victim of a crime, as well as training in personal and firearm safety.