Land Planning


Pre-Development Meeting

A Pre-Development Meeting minimizes development planning costs and helps to ensure compliance through pre-consultation with the development staff. Pre-Development Meetings are encouraged, but not required, for both commercial and residential development.

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Property Evaluation

A property evaluation is performed as part of the procedure to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, when a plat has not yet been filed for approval and a property owner is uncertain whether or not a plat is required.

This process confirms whether property complies with Chapter 94 of the Code of Ordinances, or how it may be brought into compliance with City subdivision regulations. This includes:

  • Whether a plat of the lot or building site is not required
  • If consolidation of previously platted, contiguous lots into a single consolidated building site is possible
  • Whether or not a parcel of land may be excepted from the requirement to plat
  • If a plat is required, the type of plat required

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An owner who subdivides land must prepare a plat of the subdivision and file the plat with the correct City of Conroe regulatory agency. There are various courses of platting to pursue, and the type of plat required may vary depending on the condition of the land and its suitability for the proposed development.

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Easements & Rights-of-Way

Although it's generally prohibited to build, erect, or install any structure or appurtenance within an easement or right-of-way, there may be situations where utilizing that land is crucial to a project's success. 

Conversely, sometimes it may be necessary to dedicate an easement or right-of-way in order to see the project through to the finish line.

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