All applications along with all required information must emailed to or delivered in person or by mail to 700 Metcalf St. Conroe, TX 77301.

Permit fee may be paid online using the PayStar portal, Permits Department - PayStar Portal. In addition to the online payment portal, customers may make payment in our office. We accept cash, check, or credit card in our office. Checks must be made payable to City of Conroe.

Business Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 7:30a.m.- 5:00p.m.
Friday: 8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.

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General Information3 documents

  • Inspections Required
    document Header Inspections Required
  • Permit Fees
    document Header Permit Fees
  • Residential Inspection Checklists
    document Header Residential Inspection Checklists

Permits11 documents

  • Building Permit - Commercial
    document Header Building Permit - Commercial
  • Building Permit - Residential
    document Header Building Permit - Residential
  • Certificate of Occupancy
    document Header Certificate of Occupancy
  • Commercial Sewer Service Application
    document Header Commercial Sewer Service Application
  • Demolition Permit
    document Header Demolition Permit
  • Driveway Permit
    document Header Driveway Permit
  • Online Building Permits
    document Header Online Building Permits
  • Swimming Pool Permit
    document Header Swimming Pool Permit
  • Temporary Shipping/ Storage Application
    document Header Temporary Shipping/ Storage Application
  • Water/Sewer Tap Application - fillable
    document Header Water/Sewer Tap Application - fillable
  • Water/Sewer Tap Information
    document Header Water/Sewer Tap Information

Clearing / Landscaping1 document

  • Tree Preservation and Clearing Permit
    document Header Tree Preservation and Clearing Permit

Fire3 documents

  • Fire Department Permit Applications
    document Header Fire Department Permit Applications
  • Oil Well Drilling Application 
    document Header Oil Well Drilling Application 
  • Open Burning
    document Header Open Burning

Streets / Parking4 documents

  • Address Designation
    document Header Address Designation
  • Downtown Parking Permit
    document Header Downtown Parking Permit
  • Off Street Parking
    document Header Off Street Parking
  • Street Closure Permit
    document Header Street Closure Permit

Manufactured Homes:2 documents

  • Manufactured Home Permit
    document Header Manufactured Home Permit
  • Moving of Building Permit
    document Header Moving of Building Permit

Events10 documents

  • Alcohol Beverage Permit
    document Header Alcohol Beverage Permit
  • Amplification Permit
    document Header Amplification Permit
  • Annual Amplification Permit
    document Header Annual Amplification Permit
  • Candle Permit
    document Header Candle Permit
  • Carnival License
    document Header Carnival License
  • Garage Sale Permit
    document Header Garage Sale Permit
  • Parade Permit Application
    document Header Parade Permit Application
  • Spanish Garage Sale Permit
    document Header Spanish Garage Sale Permit
  • Special Event Permit Application
    document Header Special Event Permit Application
  • Tent Permit
    document Header Tent Permit

Advertiser / Solicitor5 documents

  • Attention Getting Sign Permit Application
    document Header Attention Getting Sign Permit Application
  • Permanent Sign Permit Application
    document Header Permanent Sign Permit Application
  • Portable Sign Permit Application
    document Header Portable Sign Permit Application
  • Solicitor Permit
    document Header Solicitor Permit
  • Temporary Wood Sign Permit Application
    document Header Temporary Wood Sign Permit Application

Community Homes / Assisted Living/ Boarding House1 document

  • Community Home Registration Form
    document Header Community Home Registration Form

Downtown Residential Incentive Program1 document

  • Downtown Residential Incentive Application
    document Header Downtown Residential Incentive Application