Mayor Jody Czajkoski


Born and raised in Marlin, Texas, Jody moved to Conroe after touring the country as a professional bull rider and graduating from Sam Houston State University. Jody and his wife Nicole, a local attorney, were drawn to Conroe by the small town feel and great opportunity that is so abundant.  Active members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the Czajkoski family includes 3 children and the cutest little dog you ever saw.


Mayor Czajkoski ran a very positive, upbeat campaign.  His focus during the campaign, as it will be during his tenure as Mayor, is to maintain and improve the outstanding quality of life we share here in Conroe.  Low taxes, up-to-date infrastructure, educational opportunities, good jobs and plenty of recreation and night life all work together to make Conroe a great place to live, learn, work and play.


Mayor Czajkoski is known for his “can do” attitude.  He is open to new ideas from any source that shares his goal of making Conroe the best that it can be.  If you’ve heard Mayor Jody speak, you have heard “It’s Conroe’s Time to Shine!” and his attitude is that it takes ideas and input from everyone to make Conroe shine.


Mayor Jody is committed to bringing and highlighting the multitude of opportunities that Conroe currently has and will develop.  Bringing in businesses with good, high paying jobs, providing incubators for new businesses and developing every educational opportunity possible is necessary for Conroe’s citizens to thrive economically.  However, Mayor Jody understands that work is not all there is to life.  Making the beauty of our lakes, river, forests and trails available to all, nurturing a vibrant arts and entertainment culture and promoting the areas new bars, restaurants and recreational opportunities are all commitments that Mayor Jody has made to the citizens of Conroe.

“It’s Conroe’s Time to Shine!”

The Mayor can be reached at: P.O. Box 3066, Conroe, TX 77305; by phone at (936) 522-3010; by fax at (936) 522-3009 or by email.

Term ends 5/2024