Flood Damage Information Requested:

If your home or business is located within the City of Conroe limits and has sustained flood damage as a result of the recent rain, please contact the Office of Emergency Management at (936)522-3600 or via email at Please include your name, address, phone number and a description of your damage.

Storm Debris Removal:

The Public Works Department will pick up storm debris from flooded homes from the approved list given by Community Development. If your home has been flooded you must report it to Community Development at 936-522-3600 in order for it to be authorized for pick up.

Average Billing

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Most customers use more water in the summer months than they do in the winter. The city can average your water bill over the whole year to help budget for that extra use. The program is fairly simple. We will calculate the average water use for the most recent 12 months on your account. We will bill you for this average. The average will change every month so your bill will not be the same each time.

We will print on your bill the amount of your actual charges along with the average payment that is due. We will also show you the status of your account. In other words, in summer months you will see a balance that you owe the city. In winter months, you will see that build into a credit. You can see on your bill the amount that you are either over or under. This amount will be "settled up" when you cancel your account or cancel average billing.

You may sign up for average billing if you have had an account in good standing with the city for at least twelve (12) consecutive months. Call the Utility Billing Department at (936) 522-3170 to have an application mailed or faxed to you or click here to download one.

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