Due to the recent inclement weather, the City of Conroe Planning Commission has been rescheduled for 9:30 a.m. on January 23, 2018.

The following is the Waste Management Pickup Schedule for the remainder of the week.

  • Thursday, Jan. 18 - Wednesday Trash Routes  - No Recycling
  • Friday, Jan. 19 - Thursday Trash Routes - No Recycling
  • Saturday, Jan. 20 - Friday Trash Routes - No Recycling
  • Monday, Jan. 22 - FULL Services

Waste Management has suspended all Recycle Collections until Monday of next week.

Residents that were scheduled to receive Bulk Service on Wednesday will be serviced on Thursday.


Defensive Driving

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You may be eligible to request defensive driving to take care of your citation. This can be done either in person or by mail. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • You must appear on or before the Appearance Date on your citation
  • You must have a valid Texas Drivers License
  • You cannot have taken the course in the last 12 months for another citation
  • You cannot be going in excess of 25 miles over the speed limit
  • You will need to get a certified copy of your driving record from the Department of Public Safety, the form will be supplied by our court when you request the course.
  • There is a fee you must pay the court assessed by the State. The fee is as follows:
    • $ 113.10 All charges except Speeding School Zone violations
    • $ 138.10 Speeding school zone violation
  • You must sign the affidavit on or attached to your ticket stating you have not taken a Defensive Driving course within the 12 months prior to your citation.  You must have it notarized. If you come in person this office has notaries that can notarize the affidavit for you. If you mail this you must make sure that you get the form notarized or we CANNOT process your paperwork.
  • You must show proof of Financial Responsibility (Insurance)
  • You cannot have been charged with the following:
    • Fail to stop and render aid
    • Fleeing from a Police Officer
    • Reckless driving
    • An offense in a construction zone with workers present.
    • Fail to stop for a school bus

Once the court has processed your paperwork, you will have 90 days to complete the course and turn your proof of completion of defensive driving and your certified copy of your driving record into the court. This proof will be required before we can dismiss your citation.

**If you are age 16 and under and would like to request DSC, you will need to appear on one of the first three Wednesday's of the month at 3pm, with a parent to request that from the Judge.

***You are NOT eligible for defensive driving or deferred if you hold a commercial drivers license(CDL).

***You may NOT take defensive driving if you have already entered a plea and made payment arrangements.