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The Physical Agility Test

The Physical Agility test is scheduled for the top applicants soon after the Civil Service Test. The following three tests will be performed as a Physical Agility Exam to meet requirements for employment with the Conroe Fire Department.

Tests #1 and 2 are separately timed events. Test #3 is made up a eight consecutive steps and time for seven minutes. The timer will stop with the completion of the seventh step. Failure of any one test is considered failure of the entire exam.

All participants should dress appropriately, for example, shorts or sweat pants and athletic shoes.

Test 1 (5 Minutes)

Don Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for five minutes. This test is performed at rest.

Test 2 (5 Minutes)

Climb an aerial ladder 100 feet at 70 degree angle within five minutes.

Test 3 (7 Minutes)

Step 1 1/2 mile run.

Step 2 Don SCBA excluding face piece. All following steps will be performed while wearing SCBA.

Step 4 Drag 90 pound dummy 100 feet.

Step 5 Drive a Keiser Sled five feet with a sledge hammer.

Step 6 Advance a charged 2 1/2 inch hose 50 feet.

Step 7 Using a rope and pulley system, hoist one section of 2 1/2 inch hose from ground level up 70 feet. Timer will stop upon completion of this step.

Step 8 Lower the hose, which was raised in Step 7 back to ground level. This must be done is a controlled manner.