Flood Damage Information Requested:

If your home or business is located within the City of Conroe limits and has sustained flood damage as a result of the recent rain, please contact the Office of Emergency Management at (936)522-3600 or via email at Please include your name, address, phone number and a description of your damage.

Storm Debris Removal:

The Public Works Department will pick up storm debris from flooded homes from the approved list given by Community Development. If your home has been flooded you must report it to Community Development at 936-522-3600 in order for it to be authorized for pick up.


Fire Insurance Savings

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Improved ISO Rating Allows Residents a Fire Insurance Cost Reduction

The City of Conroe Fire Department has improved its ISO rating to two (2) from four (4). The residential property owners within 5 road-miles of a City of Conroe Fire Station and 1000 feet of a fire hydrant could save up to 12% on their homeowner's insurance. Commercial property owners within 5 road-miles of a City of Conroe Fire Station and 1000 feet of a fire hydrant may see as high as an 11% savings on their property insurance.

The new ISO rating takes effect July 1, 2009.  According to Fire Chief Ken Kreger, residents and commercial customers should notify their respective insurance companies regarding the improved City rating and the potential insurance discounts.

The insurance Services Offices (ISO) provides insurance companies reliable, up-to-date information about a municipality's fire protection services to help establish appropriate fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties. Communities are rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being the best rating obtained. The Conroe Fire Department diligently worked during 2008 to achieve the required ISO evaluation benchmarks in order to provide our citizens with the potential fire insurance savings.

The City of Conroe has been committed to keeping our community safe.  We have accomplished this by providing the area with a professional fire service, reliable fire apparatus and equipment, ample water supplies, good communications, and a structured building and fire code department.

For a Printable PDF letter for Insurance companies, please click below and print.

Printable ISO Letter for Insurance Companies

The Conroe Fire Department is devoted to providing you the very best service and protection in the most efficient and effective means possible. This is attained through the dedicated men and women of this department, along with the state-of-the-art emergency response equipment and an aggressive training program.