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Plan Review Calculator

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Site Plan Review Fee Calculator

City of Conroe, Texas
Plan Review Calculator

(for use within City Limits & Joint Planning Area)

Total Construction Value $

Base Fee: $ 17.00
Administration: $ 0.00
Sub-total: $ 17.00
* Plan Checking: --
[* Within City Limits, Plan Checking portion of the total fee shall be required at the time of initial submission.]
[** Within Joint Planning Area, total fee shall be required at the time of initial submittal.]

  1. The initial plan checking fee shall cover the first submission and two subsequent submissions and reviews.
  2. If a fourth submission is necessary the submission must accompany a new plan checking fee.
  3. If a fifth submission is required, a fee equal to twice the ordinary fee must accompany the application.
  4. If a sixth or subsequent submission is necessary, a fee equal to three times the ordinary fee must accompany the submission.
Ref: City of Conroe Code § Sec.14-38.b